My Experience at Meet The Blogger, Amsterdam 2014

Meet The Blogger was a useful experience I’d recommend for any blogger. Not only was it an opportunity to hear a bit about the latest trends in blogging but it was also a great event to network and chat with other bloggers.

The event was held at Hotel Athena in Amsterdam, a trendy, upmarket hotel with a popular nightclub. The venue was adequately equipped for the bloggers conference.

Meet The Blogger is an event dominated by fashion and interior/decor bloggers and as a travel/culture/museum blogger I was pretty much on my own with the exception of Rosie Marshall, a travel blogger from Bournemouth, UK (yay!).

As a result, I felt that much of what was presented was targeted at interior design bloggers but I still found discussions interesting to a large extent. Discussions were general enough and applicable to almost any kind of blogger really.




For me, the highlight of the day was listening to the very eloquent Kirsten Jassies. Kirsten’s talk was entitled ‘Blogging 3.0 The future of Blogging’. Kirsten is a well-known blogger in The Netherlands and her work as a blogger and blog coach is admired by all. In fact, many of the bloggers there raved about her work and were excited to see her present.

Another talk I enjoyed was Anna Gustafsson, an interior design blogger who spoke candidly about her blog and web shop during one of the breakout sessions. It was most interesting to hear of the challenges she encountered during the setup and running of her online store.

However, the most valuable part of the bloggers conference was meeting new people from the Netherlands itself and from abroad. I had a really great time chatting about all sorts of blogging topics with some other lovely lady bloggers and I’m excited and happy to say I’ve forged new friendships on the day.

Lastly, I feel that the Meet The Blogger event is definitely geared more towards beginner bloggers, or those specifically wishing to build their network of blogger buddies. But it’s also a great experience if you want to feel part of the bloggers movement in the Netherlands. As an expat in the country it feels good to be a part of a community that has a shared interest and I look forward to attending next year again.

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