Medieval Key Unearthed in The Netherlands

medievel key unearthed in netherlands

A medieval key was recently unearthed during excavations at the new Rotterdamsebaan road in The Netherlands. This iron key was excavated from ancient canals that were once found in the area. Although the exact house to accompany the key has not yet been unearthed, archeologists are keen to continue sourcing artefacts and ancient dwellings in the area.

Other remains from a Roman building were also recently found at this same location. From the findings, it is evident that water channels once ran between the houses during the medieval period.

In fact, two Roman houses were also discovered near Rotterdamsebaan earlier this year. Variour wells were also unearthed and this now makes it possible to map out the location of the houses in relation to the water sources. As a result, archeologists expect to uncover numerous other houses in the upcoming months.

medievel key unearthed in netherlands

Lastly, a piece of leather carefully preserved in clay was also dug out from an ancient water channel. Researchers are working hard to determine whether this could be the remains of a shoe from 1,800 years ago.

Source & Image Credit: The Hague Municipality Online

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