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The Museum Times is a website dedicated entirely to providing readers with the latest museum and arts and culture news globally. The website curates news from a myriad of reliable and top news sites under a section entitled ‘Global Museum News’. All content obtained from news sites is enriched and styled according to the format of The Museum Times. In addition to museum news curation, the website also provides travellers with a blog entitled ‘Museum Trips’ comprising articles written in first-person about trips to museums which the founder and writer, Elizabeth Joss has undertaken. These accounts are considered the most valuable and richest source of museum and arts and culture news comprising The Museum Times.

The Museum Times was formerly known as – site of travel writer and blogger, Elizabeth Joss and was initially used as a portfolio of travel-related articles. However, the need to expand the service was evident and necessary in order to maintain a strong niche within the arts and culture sector. The website of The Museum Times itself has been in operation since April 2014 but began as in late 2012. Content has as such been recently transferred and rewritten according to the new house style of The Museum Times.

The Museum Times now provides clearly written and well-researched articles about museums and arts and culture in addition to museum news curation now as a stand-alone brand.


Our mission is to spread the love of museums and arts and culture on a global scale. At present there is no site dedicated solely to museums. There are sites curating arts and culture topics and sites on exclusive arts and culture pieces but these are not as tangible and available to the everyday traveller and museum-lover. Most of these sites are very well written and target serious art lovers and art auctioneers (most form part of proper news websites). They do not seem to target individuals interested in art who are keen to further their knowledge of museums and arts. The Museum Times therefore targets the amateur art lover but of course does not exclude the expert/well-read art lover.

On the other hand, The Museum Times does offer first-person essays and accounts of museum experiences under the ‘Museum Trips’ section. These accounts aim to be very well written, beautiful and detailed enough for a museum lover to decide whether or not to visit the site or exhibition. These pieces aim to be as visual as possible and as descriptive as possible to really give the reader a sense of what the exhibition or museum is about.


The Museum Times aims to curate all museum, arts and culture news on a global scale with a particular focus on museums which are not usually in the spotlight – those that offer something really unique, unusual or very special to the museum-goer (something out of the ordinary / undiscovered gems / something ‘off the beaten track’ so to speak).

The founder aims to ensure that all posts (news or museum trips) convey something different or against the norm. Standard exhibitions are included of course but the site also features numerous museums and exhibitions of a weird and wonderful nature. In this manner, The Museum Times seeks to promote lesser-known museums in addition to well-funded, well-known ones.

Everything from museum news, latest exhibitions, ground-breaking art discoveries is featured on the site. Editorial articles cover various topics, for example: museum news, cultural day trips, museum trips, exhibition visits, first-person narrative accounts of museum visits and much more. Topics range from informative to inspirational and ‘stream of consciousness’ style posts.

Target Group

The target group of The Museum Times is museum and art lovers everywhere – those who want to see the main attractions but who also want to discover something new and unusual – something they can talk about with their friends back home. These are people who love art and who are eager to develop their knowledge of artists and also learn more about the latest exhibitions no matter where in the world they may be.

The site’s posts are geolocated, allowing the reader to easily navigate to his/her country of residence and discover the latest museum / arts / culture news in that region.

Packages & Rates

The Museum Times is an effective channel to reach art and museum lovers the world over. The Museum Times is also an attractive medium for museums, galleries and cultural heritage institutions wishing to keep track of the latest developments in the field and who may be looking for support and/or visibility from other institutions in this time of crisis.

The Museum Times does not accept posts from link builders looking to generate backlinks. The founder does accept sponsored posts i.e. payment for posts which she will herself write WRT an experience, exhibition or travel bloggers press trip to which she is invited.

Advertisers are welcome to place adverts on the homepage of the website or on specific pages or posts. Adverts should adhere to the look and feel of the site and will only be accepted if they relate in some way to museums / arts / culture or travel. The founder will use her discretion when accepting advertisements. Please note that the below prices are due to change as the site gains visibility in Google and other search engines and as it gains popularity over time.

Pages on which web banners can be placed include:

  • Homepage
  • Museums Worldwide
  • Global Museum News
  • Individual Museum Posts / News Updates

Rates for Banners are as follows (prices excl. V.A.T):

Square Banner on the Homepage (125 x 250 pixels)

3 months: € 300

6 months: € 600

12 months: € 1200

Square Banner on All Other Pages (125 x 250 pixels)

3 months: € 200

6 months: € 400

12 months: € 800

The founder and owner of The Museum Times is willing to discuss combination deals for advertisements on a variety of pages. Advertisements will also be available on an e-newsletter in the upcoming months and this will increase opportunities for visibility and revenue for advertisers. More details will follow shortly.

Banners can be supplied in Flash, GIF or JPEG formats in the smallest possible size. Banners will be placed within one working day of receipt of banner and payment (or on a date of your choice).


Due to the fact that the original website was transferred to a new domain, stats are still beginning to climb and the site is quickly gaining visibility in Google. At present, visitors mainly stem from the United States, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain and The Netherlands.

The duration of an average session is 5 minutes and 18 seconds and the site has an average of 64.18% new sessions over a single month.

Future Plans

At present, a list of subscribers is currently being built up. Within the next 6 months a monthly newsletter will launch and as mentioned above, there will be advertising possibilities within the newsletter and elsewhere i.e. social media.

Contact Information

All queries and requests can be directly to Elizabeth Joss (

Tel: +31 631 250946



Postal Address:

The Museum Times

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Elizabeth Joss

Elizabeth Joss is the founder and main writer at The Museum Times. She works as a university lecturer by day and is an avid travel blogger and arts and culture enthusiast by night. Elizabeth started The Museum Times out of the need to give smaller, lesser-known museums more exposure.

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