Le Coin Quotidien | My Favourite Cafe in Nice, France

Le Coin Quotidien

Put it this way, I wouldn’t want to go to Le Coin Quotidien in summer with the hustle and bustle of a zillion tourists. I like to keep a low-down and steer clear of very touristy places in the height of summer. But make no mistake, Le Coin Quotidien is true gem in the spring.

This popular restaurant/cafe is situated right by the Cours Saleya, Nice’s world-famous flower market. Its excellent location ensures it a popular locale amongst locals and foreigners alike. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enter.

The vibe and general busyness of the cafe, excellent quality and decent prices all contribute to a local French experience. I was particularly impressed by the genial manner of the staff, their willingness and helpful attitude even though I don’t speak the language.

Le Coin Quotidien

The food was tasty and the choice of teas superb especially since it was a chilly and overcast day when I visited and I was in need of a hot drink.


Furthermore, I recommend a seat looking out over Cours Saleya to fully absorb the quaintness of this beautiful locale.

Le Coin Quotidien is definitely a lovely cafe in a fantastic location. If you’re in need of a meal before hitting the narrow, winding shopping streets in the old town, I highly recommend it.



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