Jewish Porcelain Stolen by Nazis Found in Rijksmuseum

Parts of a porcelain crockery set said to have been stolen from a Jewish family by the Nazis have been discovered in the Het Loo Palace, the Rijksmuseum and a few other museums in The Netherlands, according to the Telegraaf.

15 pieces of porcelain were discovered and are assumed to be a part of a dinner service once belonging to the Gutmann family. The dinner service was auctioned off by the Nazis in 1934. The items form part of a 435-piece dinner service originally given to Dutch stadhouder Willem V during 1774 by the Dutch East Indies company (VOC). The set features beautiful scenes of Dutch cities and villages from that time.

Willem V sold the service when he was exiled in England. Later on, 26 pieces of the crockery set were bought by Mr Herbert Gutmann, son of Eugen Gutmann who founded Dresdner Bank.

Artiaz, the Amsterdam Research Bureau has been examining the sale using old auction documents. Six pieces have recently been identified in Het Loo, one of the Dutch royal family’s palaces.

According to de Telegraaf, another six pieces have been located at Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. Additionally, a single piece has been found in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Streekmuseum in Tiel and the Historisch Museum in Deventer.

The German research group ‘Facts and Files’ added that they are busy researching the case of the missing dinner service and they have confirmed that fifteen sauce boats and plates are still missing.

Het Loo Foundation and the Rijksmuseum are taking the case seriously and are undergoing further investigations into the remaining missing pieces of the set.



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