HofTrammm Tram Restaurant in Den Haag, Netherlands

I met with Bobby van Galen, owner of HofTrammm, the Hague’s classiest moving restaurant. Bobby explained the ins and outs of the restaurant, how the tram was restored and the current culinary offering on board.


HofTrammm, a black and gold sleek bullet doesn’t go as fast as it looks. The speed is relaxing enough to enjoy a dinner with the city’s top attractions. HofTramm restaurant has all the onboard facilities of any other. There is a fully equipped toilet, bar and kitchen present for those who may inquire.


Housed in a warehouse in Den Haag, HofTrammm takes it’s place amongst vintage models once used in the city. Bobby informed me that he initially wanted to use one of these vintage numbers for the restaurant but faced difficulties due to the heritage of these trams and the upkeep. So a not so old tram was instead employed and revamped and the result is the black and gold, innovative design that is HofTrammm.


HofTrammm’s interior is most attractive. Exclusive fittings from recycled trams have been used and further add to the charm. In fact, part of an old tram track has been used as part of the onboard bar.



Each table setting is complete with lit-up glass holders and embroidered napkins – it is evident that service combined with attention to detail and elegance are at the heart of the HofTrammm experience.


Lastly, Hoftrammm is not just a restaurant. It’s a very special, historic experience, with a definite charm. Whether you are a local or tourist in Den Haag, don’t miss out.

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