Giolitti, Rome| The Best Gelato in Italy


I can never, ever go back to eating ordinary gelato again. Giolitti’s mouthwatering flavors are indescribable and unlike any gelato i have ever tasted before.

I had three flavors in a chocolate coated cone; one of which was pure Nutella gelato. My word. It was honestly like eating Nutella out of the glass jar, except a little colder.


Giolitti’s is by far the best gelato I’ve had in my life. And it’s situated right near the Pantheon so it’s ideal to grab a cone and go for a passagata.

Next time, I’m sitting down and trying some of the treats on offer from their patisserie. Oh and did I mention I might have a bit of their Nutella gelato too?

Unbelievable place. And worth the 3.50 Euro for a cone with three flavours.



Elizabeth Joss

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