The Cultural Playground of Ciutadella Park, Barcelona

If you love parks and outdoor spaces, Ciutadella Park in Barcelona is a must-see. And this is no ordinary park. In fact, Ciutadella is a kind of cultural playground – probably the most interesting and original outdoor space I came across in the city and one where you can spend a good couple of hours.


Even from the onset, it is evident that this is a glorious space occupied by locals enjoying the good weather. Expect to see people playing ball, walking dogs, rowing in rowing boats on the lake, or merely relaxing in the sun with a good book or ice-cream. This is really an ideal place for a picnic too and you’ll see lots of families doing the same.


Today, you’ll find a zoo, the Parliament of Catalonia, various museums as well as a very, very special fountain unlike anything I’ve ever seen before all in the locale of Ciutadella Park.


The Zoology Museum, Barcelona
The Zoology Museum, Barcelona

At the entrance to the park, look out for these beautiful blue and white tiles on the facade of the Zoology Museum (above and below).

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It is interesting to note Ciutadella Park was established in mid 19th century and for quite some time it was the only green area in the city.



By far my favourite site within the park is this very special fountain featured below. It is called Cascada or the Waterfall. The arch was first inaugurated in 1881 and at that time there were no special sculptures, beautiful details or fountain present. Later on, Josep Fontsére and Antoni Gaudí worked to make it more attractive by the addition of sculptures and water features. Today it somewhat resembles the Trevi Fountain in Rome, which was ultimately the idea of Fontsére.


I loved the fact that one can walk below the arch itself which gives you a completely different perspective than merely seeing it from the front, as indicated below. So be sure to walk right up to it and below the arch and the golden horses. You’ll get a glimpse of the park from a unique angle.



Moreover, there is something really tropical and luxurious about Ciutadella Park – note the palm trees, lush green areas and various other water features and sculptures all around.




Have you been to Ciutadella Park in Barcelona? If yes, tell us what you think about the place in the comments below! We’d love to hear your thoughts/tips/advice. 


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