10 Reasons Why I Started a Travel Blog

The past couple of months have been a joyride. Literally. I left my home in South Africa to travel and work abroad and move from country to country in search of new experiences, cultures and people. I haven’t looked back since.

Travel has become a permanent state of mind for me and I have an insatiable desire to visit places I’ve never been to before, even if it means visiting a neighbouring town over a weekend. Travelling allows me to reflect, to conjure up travel stories and then to document it all. This blog is a result of my musings as a traveller. It is the true passion of a person who loves to see new things and at the same time seek out the odd and quirky.

Here are 10 reasons why I started this travel blog – I hope they inspire you in your own endeavors:

10 Reasons Why I Started a Travel Blog

1.    Self-Inspiration

You could say that by travelling and seeing new places I inspire myself. The mere thought of putting my feet on unexplored ground gives me a new lease on life so to speak. The experience is particularly addictive and the more I travel, the more I feel inspired in my life. The more I set foot on new soil, the more I want to lead a life that is meaningful and authentic.

2.    Inspiring Others

So many people I know yearn to travel and see the world and they are so caught up in the thought that they need millions to do so. I want to prove these people wrong. Yes, travelling when you have money makes things a lot easier, but you don’t need millions to travel and fulfill your dreams. You only need a set goal and a lot of determination. I therefore have a growing desire to share my knowledge with others and to help others break free from this kind of limited thinking.

In fact, I was honestly blown away by the responses from friends, family and acquaintances upon posting How I Lived Like a Gypsy and Travelled the World for Half a Year. I received many personal emails thanking me for the inspiration. Many people I haven’t heard from in years also sent me mails. It was truly heartwarming. It is for this main reason that I write.

3.    Sharing Solo Travel Musings

Whilst balancing my travels and a full-time job for six months I came to the conclusion that other solo female travellers (and remote workers) may in fact want to hear about my experiences. I also came to the conclusion that in today’s age it is becoming particularly easy to work remotely and at the same time fulfill one’s desire for travel. These solo travel musings allowed me to feel connected to many others like me.

4.    In-Depth Musings

I wanted to contribute something that really goes beyond the average travel blog. Something that explores travel in a much greater depth. I wanted to go beyond the superficiality that constitutes many travel blogs nowadays. Detail is my first concern. I steer clear of general, poor quality posts.

5.    Refining My Craft 

All true writers need a manner in which to refine their craft. A blog is the perfect way to do so. I love the fact that anyone can comment and leave a tip of advice or two. Having a travel blog has definitely helped me see my writing with much greater clarity.

6.    Opportunity to Learn New Things 

In addition to refining my craft, the blog has allowed me to learn new things about online marketing and also apply what I have learnt. I’ve learnt a lot about social media and online marketing in general and being able to apply this on my own blog as a kind of testing space has been a great opportunity.

7.    Travel Blogging as a Challenge 

Often the hardest part is coming home after a full-time job and setting aside time to write, schedule Tweets and travel-related posts. Having a travel blog keeps you on your toes – it’s a great challenge. You know you have readers and that they are keen to read your writing. You have an obligation to them somehow and this is great motivation to keep your blog going!

8.    Networking Opportunities 

One of the main reasons I started blogging was to connect with other writers. Writing is of course an isolated task. And very often writers do not lean on each other for support or guidance. In the short space of time that I’ve had this blog I’ve made friends with other bloggers from around the world and we now rely on each other for advice and guidance. It’s a great sense of community and a great way to connect with those who have the same passion as you do.

9.    Stay Focussed 

A travel blog has helped me become more focussed and disciplined in my writing. Even though I don’t write as often as I’d like to, the blog keeps me grounded and compels me to write and contribute. It’s a great habit to get into for a writer.

10.  Writing Portfolio 

Lastly, another reason why I started a blog is to showcase my writing skills to potential employers. The blog importantly serves as virtual CV or writing portfolio. It allows others to see what I am capable of and I definitely think it has played a role in my career and where I am today.


Do you have a travel blog? What were your reasons for starting a blog? I’d love to connect with you. Let’s chat in the comments below. 


Elizabeth Joss

Elizabeth Joss is the founder and main writer at The Museum Times. She works as a university lecturer by day and is an avid travel blogger and arts and culture enthusiast by night. Elizabeth started The Museum Times out of the need to give smaller, lesser-known museums more exposure.

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  1. I am a solo (most of the time) female traveller and blogger, too! It is validating to read a post from a kindred spirit. My best to you!


    P. S. I haven’t checked yet, but have you written about Musee Rodin in Paris? It’s my favorite smaller museum in that City of Museums!

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